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figyelem"A dog from gold! So outside, as internally"!
Jack London wrote about it, and everyone can experience the same who gets closer to these wonderful dogs. In its red coat, bored elegance and shining intelligent eyes it attracts the man's look. The Irish terrier originally used as a hunting dog. They hunted with it a badger, rabbit and a wild-hog, in America for the marmot too. On the country farms they were work as an esteemed rat-killers. Now days in some countries it is also popular at the hunter's circle, for example in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.

The followings can describe the Irish Terrier's character: blazing temper, assertiveness, leading intelligence, sense of humor, great devotion and faithfulness towards the owner. Its irresistible charm how it can throw in itself resolutely can absolutely touches the person very quickly.

gyerekNowdays the bulk of the Irish Terrier happily live as family dogs. It's famous for its love, devotion, faithfulness for its owner. Its life views of life is to win or to die! However this way of thinking of his / her only stands with other strange dogs and maximum on hunting. Its not a fighting dog, but he / she “gets an invitation to the dance” it never stay out of the fight and it never remain anybody's debtor.
It needs appropriate, consequent breeding and it became a pleasant and amusing partner. It is responding to its owner's mood very possibly, if its needed it throws sense of his / her humor all in!! Always a joyful dog who is declaredly recommendable to families with children and also to eldery people, after all you can't bored next to her / his.

Msols_-_kan2Famously philoprogenitive, tolerant breed. And a naughty playmate who is a desperate protector. From its size and character it is suitable for the most sports. Abroad and also in Hungary it is more and more popular on the agility and flyball fields, moreover in the group of the rescue dogs. It is an ideal and pleasant partner with jogging, running, cycling, hiking. Its size enables to carry him / her in any kind of vehicle and car without any problems. Not a barking breed, it shows its special, characteristic voice only in reasonable situations, so a lot of people can holding it in block of flats. It is a good signal dog. Facing strangers he / she doesn't show aggressiveness but it exactly knows who belongs to the house and who is the outsider and it's keep barking them. Based on the foregoing we can lay down that the Irish Terrier has “something” that touches most of the people. In excuse of this we can refer to those satisfied families where an Irish Terrier is “be on service” and often it's not the first one!
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